Free Cows

Wolne Krowy Deszczno

Free cows” of Deszczno, Lubuskie, Poland, roamed the fields for years. Hardly anyone cared, until some neighbours started reporting damages. Suddently, these off-grid cows became “a disease threat” because of not being registered – and faced a threat of being put down and burnt in a heap. Such are the double standards of veterinary controls in the countryside. A friendly neighbour fenced the animals off and kept them fed on his pasture under watchful eyes of animal rights activists. Then, as if by miracle, the government decided the bovine runaways can be nationalised for profit – so they stopped being disease-carriers and are to be incarcerated in a state-owned dairy factory (PGR) and possibly slaughtered for meat. The only chance to change this, is if another pasture-owner agrees to adopt and register this herd of about 180 cows. Guess what: such a farmer volunteered, but the authorities won’t agree.

Wolne Krowy Deszczno“Free Cows. Animal Protection Act, article 5, and the Sixth Commandment say: Thou Shall Not Kill!!!”

Wolne Krowy Deszczno  Wolne Krowy Deszczno Wolne Krowy Deszczno

“Słuchajcie stada! There’s power in the herd!”


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