Warszawska Syrena (2)

goła baba

The legend of the Mermaid has circulated around Warsaw in many versions. One is that this fish-woman was captured by unfriendly fishermen in the Vistula (Wisła) river, then sold to a rich merchant who noticed her beautiful singing and kept her in a cage, from which she either was freed or she freed herself.

Another is that she helped a Masovian Prince Ziemomysl find a way out of the woods, inspiring the location of Warsaw, but hated by a religious zealot, she was later hunted and brought to court, from where she escaped and never showed up since. Anyway today she is one of the symbols of the Polish capital. She’d be more fitting for the Animal Liberation Front or an anticapitalist feminist militia than the greedy jerks in power, but well, they keep her as the city’s coat-of-arms (captive again?).


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