DDNP: Taki jeden | Just a dude

Dymek dla niepalących, Qrde

“I come from the Middle East. My parents were refugees. Ever since I remember, I was threathened with death, because all powers that were, would see me as a danger.”

“According to European standards, I’m brown; Perhaps even black!”
“Already at a young age I battled: private property, disregard of women, the institution of authority, the hipocrisy of polititians and the clergy.”
“I founded a society radical in our ideas and actions, which initiated libertarian Communism and Feminism, against the domineering attitudes.”
“I showed sceptics, how it is possible to satisfy basic needs by sharing even the scarcest of possessions.”
“However, I also told that material needs are void.”
“I taught to abandon hatred and refer to a universal cathegory of the neighbour. I even managed to abolish the traditional concept of the family, putting the commune in its place.”
“I became the prophet of the world’s largest religions, inspiring Jews, Christians, Muslims, and many Atheists!”
“And all was going well
“until I came across Poles.”
(powder, powder)
(sign: “abortion – Jewish conspiracy”)

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