Służba nie drużba | By the book

Komiks o Radku, urzędniku. A graphic story about Radek, an immigration clerk.

Komiks Qrde

Radek, an hitlerite fasist racist neonazi national-socialist nationalistic identity activist, thanks to the effort of Rybnik‘s Employment Office, is now a clerk in the regional Immigration Office.

Well, well, I used to be nothing but a football hooligan, being laughed at in school… and now it is up to me to decide, who gets a decent life in the European Union! Ha!

The applicants have to stand in a long line.

“A place in a line costs only 200 zloty” (An able Pole)

Come fucking in!

“Hullo, madam. Me wish a resident visa.”

“A fucking nigger? Bugger off!

Only whites, goddamit!

Komiks Qrde

“We are Iraqi Kurds. We had to flee from an Iraqi-Turkish-Russian-Syrian-American peace operation.”

Muslamic scum out! Gimme Christians!”

“I am Christian.”

“We’ll check how well you know your prayer books. Where are you from?”


“Get the fuck out then, brownie!”

“Pakistanis? Won’t get down to work! A Chinese? He’ll take our jobs! Eritreans? They carry diseases! A Ukrainian? What – me aiding Banderites?! A Libian? Terrorist, for sure! Belarussians? Who’d want to flee that? Some leftist gays? Chechens? They have their own country – the Russian Federation. Dugin said that it was wonderful there!”

“Day’s work goes smoothly, applicants are going.. But, according to the directives, 0.0001‰ of applications ought to be dealt with positively.” (source: data of the Polish Immigration Office)

Komiks Qrde


“I’ll initiate an I Want a Repatriate, Not an Immigrant campaign! I will let in one person per year and show a heart, just like Andrzej Duda!”

And there is our dear applicant! Have you got your papers confirming your origin?”

“Of course! My family had been from Poland for generations. Papa’s parents lived in Kalisz, Mom’s were from Lodz. They loved our country, but, you know: war, poverty of the Communist times, Gomulka, the persecution…”

“That’s our man!”

“My brothers, sisters and cousins want to return to the land of their forefathers, too! Will you give us a positive answer?”

Of course! My beloved compatriot, welcome to Poland! What’s your name?”

Moishe Apfelbaum!”


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