Prehisteria – polityka pre-historyczna

Komiks Qrde

“Hey, y’all! How about quitting this all breeding?”

“Shut your jaw, vegetarian! No population growth means no future for my economy!”

“Yeah, but if we eat up all the Earth’s resources, then neither you, or us, are going to live to the next geological era!”

“You gotta problem with our modern lifestyle?”

“It’s far from modern. What you do is just shit all over the planet, while whole species of plants and animals go extinct!”

“It’s only a problem for the small and poor. Big and industrous ones will prevail.”

“Fools! Don’t you get it? Money can’t be eaten! Because of your stubborn consumerism, you can’t realize that our world is actually heading for an apocalypse!”

“Heh, and what else? The climate is changing?”

“Stoopid faggot!”

“Get lost, you crank!”

“65 million years later…”

“Dad, why did dinosaurs go extinct?”

“Erm… Well, I guess their brains were too small.”

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