Skojarzenia | Associations

Komiks Qrde

“First, I will show you several pictures, and you tell me what do they mean to you.”
“This one?” “It’s obvious: anal sex!”
“And this?” “What do you mean: what it means? This guy wants a BJ!”
“Mmm… and this?” “You must be kidding me!”

If you’re confused: this is drawn right after Polish neonazis blocked a… rainbow sculpture, because they thought it was about gay sex. A short note on what else might a rainbow be is given here.

Jeśli nie wiecie, o co biega: to było rysowane po tym, jak polscy neonaziści zablokowali odbudowę rzeźby tęczy, bo myślą, że ma ona związek z homoseksualizmem. Mała ściąga co do symboliki tych barw tutaj.

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